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Dear Affiliate,

Lewis Adler here... Thank you for taking a few minutes to check out this page.

To begin with if you don't know me... I have been in the industry for a while and have a strong track record selling highly successful affiliate products over the Paydotcom marketplace (3 top 10 products in the past year). It has been a great run and I hope that it has been as rewarding for you as it has for me.

You can check the OmniForexSignals Paydotcom history statistics here. I will be promoting my products exclusively via Clickbank in future and I welcome you to join me. This shift is nothing against Paydotcom, but unfortunately they only support Paypal payments and I am not willing to continue relying on Paypal as a payments system.

For quality traffic, our site converts about 1:17.
Why is it SO HIGH? Because we offer 3-days trial membership for only $4.99!
After 3 days the member pays $99.90 for each month of membership.

We pay a 75% recurring commission on every sale you make - that's a huge commission! If you send us traffic you will make money!

What's more, Just by signing up to our JV Updates and entering your Clickbank ID you will get commissions from our own traffic, a script in my website donates every sale without referral to my affiliates on a rotation basis.

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To Your Success,

Lewis Adler